What is the Coaching 

Reflections Group?

Together with my colleague Alex van Oostveen, I host a coach supervision/professional reflection group for coaches on Fridays at 11h00 (South Africa) | 09h00 (UTC).

These hour and a half sessions are an opportunity for coaching support and development in a group setting. These are confidential sessions that offer a safe and professional space to explore coaching practice and client engagement. Coach supervision is an essential part of continuous professional development.

Payment and registration is open until an hour before each session. Those received after this time will be applied to the following week's session.

In group supervision, coaches, especially those who work in high profile environments, may have concerns around their professional integrity and reputation. We respect this and any other concerns around group supervision, through tight contracting and commitment to a safe conversational space. See the website for more on this and additional confidentiality provisions.

How to register & pay

1. Use PayPal to pay for the session.  The cost for the session is $85, click on the button below to make the payment.

Follow the link below, which will direct you to Alex's Calendly:

  1. Register for the date you want to attend using Calendly, below.

  2. Payment is done through PayPal at the end of the booking process.

  3. You will receive the Zoom meeting details in a confirmation email (please check your spam folder).

About Andrew & Alex


Andrew is a credentialed coach with ICF (ACC) and COMENSA (CCP), he is a coach supervisor and ICF mentor coach. His approach is based on a collection of modalities including Co-Active Coaching, Transactional Analysis and Appreciative Inquiry. Andrew works with people both locally and internationally including Asia, Europe and North America.


Alex is credentialed with ICF (ACC) and COMENSA (CCP). He is a Registered coach supervisor with ​COMENSA (CRS). He integrates Appreciative Inquiry philosophies and transactional analysis into his work as an executive coach supervisor and coach. He works with clients in Africa, Asia and Europe. Read more about Alex here.

Frequently asked questions

What happens in the Coaching Reflections Group?

Alex and Andrew will facilitate a group coach supervision process. This is a space to raise and explore questions around your practice. These questions can be from any aspect relating to your practice, for example: experiencing difficulties with a client, being hooked by work done by your clients and an appriciative approach of unpacking positive experiences to increase your awarness of what enabled them. These sessions will offer a variety of ways to explore your supervision question encouraging your professional support, development and action. This approch is highly adaptable to the needs of yourself, the group and the context through a co-desighned environment.

Can I log this as Continuous Professional Development (CPD)?

This work counts towards CPD with major coaching professional bodies. We provide letters/certificates on request for sessions which are actively participated in as supervision.

What should I not expect?

Supervision is not coaching the coach. We will not provide coaching in the Coaching Reflections group. We do not advise on solutions to the challenges you bring, or offer tools for use by your client. We focus on your experiences as a person, coach and professional in your practice.

How to get the most out of the Coaching Reflections Group?

The Coaching Reflections Group is open weekly without a need to commit to an ongoing number of sessions. This offers an ealisy accessible coach supervision platform at stort notice.

What happens if a deeper piece of work comes up during group supervision?"

If, during a group supervision session, a topic emerges that you see the need to take focused time to explore, Alex and I are available to contract 1:1 time or a threeway focused session on an ad hoc basis subject to a per session fee.

Are the group sessions recorded?

No, the sessions will not be recorded. This is to support your confidence of a focused confidential space.

Terms & Conditions

Payment for registration closes an hour before each session. Payments/registrations after this will roll over to the next week’s session.

Payment must be made before meeting details will be shared with you.

(To ensure quality of work and safety of attendees, the meeting will be locked 5 minutes after starting. Non attendance will result in forfeiture of payment).