Getting to know your own shame can be a powerful tool to know yourself and how you show up in the world. 

What is shame?

What's your shame?

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Frequently asked questions

How often should I have coach supervision?

There have been many attempts to suggest and at times instruct what the correct frequency of coach supervision should be. Frameworks have ranged from ratios of coaching hours per hour of coach supervision to a fixed time frame. What I see that works well is to commit to a regular cadence, for example monthly/quaterly, with the option to schedule an ad hoc session on a needs basis. My recommendation is to not extend past a quarterly cadence and then to experiement with what cadence works best for you.

How long does a coach supervision relationship last?

Work with a coach supervisor can range from a once off session to a relationship that spans many years, depending on the coaches needs and the preference of the coach supervisor. The important part is that each time increment is contracted for to create constructive boundaries to best support the needs. Nurturing a coach supervision with a primary coach supervisor can be an exceptionally valuable resource. As the rapport evolves your coach supervisor increases their insight of your patterns which can lead to creating transformational awarness together. I have worked with clients in an ad hoc basis and under longer agreements. The longer agreements I prefer to contract for up to 12 months which offers a valuabe relfection point to review if the working relationship is still meeting the clients needs.