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Which of these speaks to you?

1st time ACC Credential:

I am preparing to apply for my ACC for the first time, I feel:

  • Hyper conscious about my ability to demonstrate the competencies, &/or

  • I feel like I am just trying to tick the boxes.

ACC Renewal:

I am preparing to renew my ACC,

& I feel that:

  • the competencies are cramping my flavour, &/or

  • Mentor Coaching is just a box to tick.

The ICF Core Competencies are an empowering framework to hang your professional flavour of coaching on

How ICF Mentor Coaching 

can help you:


Increase your confidence in your ability to demonstrate the ICF Core Competencies in a way that allows you to be in flow with your clients.

I use evidence based feedback to identify how you are already demonstrating the competencies & highlighting opportunities to enhance your current process & introduce new techniques.


This is an opportunity to leverage the competency framework to enhance the potency of your professional flavour of coaching.

I support & challenge you to reflect & learn from your own experience of demonstrating the competencies & identify your professional flavour. Through this process you ground how you leverage the competencies & identify opportunity for new techniques.

"A year from now you will wish you had started today"

Karen Lamb

If you are committed to enhancing your professional practice through becoming credentialed by the ICF, book you free discovery call now.

ICF Mentor Coach Options:

1:1 Mentor Coaching

This offers 1-to-1 Personal Coaching to meet you where you are at on your journey:

  • 1 hour sessions

  • Total number to be decided together

  • Online (Zoom)

  • Investment* (per hour session):

    • R1200​

    • £100

    • €115

    • $125

Group Mentor Coaching

This offers an opportunity to connect with and learn from a peer group, while still having the opportunity for you to do valuable development:

  • 4 people

  • 3.5 hour sessions

  • 3 session commitment

  • 7 hours of group ICF mentor coaching

  • Online (Zoom)

  • Investment* (for 3 sessions):

    • R5000​

    • £400

    • €460

    • $495

  • Contact me for more information and to indicate your interest.

* If you truly cannot afford these investments and are truly motivated to find and live your personal flavour of life, please email me at so we can negotiate an investment that is possible for you. While I run a business, I believe that money should not be an additional obstacle. I reserve capacity for discounted and pro bono sessions and reserve the right to allocate them after consultation.

Book your free discovery call now


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