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Why Coaching

You have the ability to live your most flavourful life offering fulfilment through sustainable balance across the areas of your life. These areas range from health, personal and work life, leadership, family and many others. Coaching is a transformational partnership that is customizable to support and challenge your exploration of your personal version of a balanced and fulfilled life and, most importantly, how to achieve it.


How Coaching Works

Individual Coaching offers a partnership where I will journey with you by holding a valuable structure to play and explore what you want to be different and define personalised ways on how you will achieve it.


Coaching offers a scaffolding that many valuable skills can hang on to enrich the process. My key skills are in Co-Active coaching, Appreciative Inquiry and Transactional Analysis:


Co-Active coaching creates an environment for you to be the master of your own journey with me as your journey partner to offer curiosity in your exploration, support in living into your enabling beliefs and values, and to challenge you to design and take action.

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) offers a philosophy of living a life based on strengths. AI explores what your absolute best and most life-giving looks like, what your strengths are, known and unknown, and enables a powerful journey to live into your vision.

Transactional Analysis (TA) is a school of psychology, education and organisational development. TA offers many valuable models and metaphors to create/support clarity and offer/challenge ideas on how to do things differently.

You have the ability to define and design what and how to achieve the change you want to see. This means that I do not have to “teach” you any specific skills, my role is to support and challenge your thinking and process on your journey of change. The above modalities enable me to be a valuable transformational journey partner to you. Only at appropriate times or at your request, I may offer to share a model to inspire insight.

Through engaging in a coaching process, you are empowered to take control of your life to design and action change to live in to your most flavourful life.

What Coaching Looks Like

Individual coaching is a regular one-to-one meeting over a defined timeline. The meetings, or sessions, are 60 minutes and clients generally have between 6 and 12 sessions over 3 to 8 months. The number of sessions, length and duration are discussed upfront to best support your style, desired outcomes and budget.

The sessions are either in person or via an online platform, such as Skype or Zoom. Meeting online is often something new and a bit of an unknown experience. I have found it a valuable opportunity for connecting across distances and conscientious use of time by reducing travel time. I have worked with people in Cape Town, Durban, India, Greece, Canada and the United Kingdom and we have co-designed a valuable partnership that best supports your journey.

Getting Started

Some may need a bit of assistance in getting into making the best use of coaching. I have put together a program that draws on key tools that have proven to be exceptionally valuable in creating self-awareness and self-reflection to then authentically identify your goals and design how to achieve them. This program consists of 10 hours of 1-to-1 time with me over a minimum of 12 weeks. Find out more if you are interested.

There are also people who are already adept to making valuable use of coaching. In this case you can jump in to the coaching seat and I will support you in designing your bespoke journey.

Coaching Rates

My 12-week program is R8000.00, contact me to find out more information about the process and payment options.

For your bespoke coaching journey, my coaching rate is R1200 / £65 / €75 / $85 per hour.

Next Step

Book a chemistry session for us to meet and discuss what you want to achieve. We will use this time to explore your topic and desired outcomes, answer any questions regarding coaching and how you want to move forward. This is a first step and once-off session for you to test the coaching waters.

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