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You have the ability to live your personal flavour of life...


Which of these speaks to you?


"I have a sense that I am not living my personal flavour of life... and I can't quite find my footing on where to start..."


"I feel confident in who I am and what I stand for... and now I am struggling to figure out what goals to aim for..."


"I know what brings me meaning and I have focus on what my goals are... and I am finding it hard to get going and/or maintaining momentum..." 

"Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions"

Albert Einstein

How Personal Coaching can help you:

So often we have a sense of needing a change and there seems to be an invisible force that pushes you away.

I will help you explore and capture what truly drives you and what your fundamental roles are.

The more you know what drives you & what roles you choose to fulfill the more grounded you are and able to see the invisible forces and respond.



With a sound sense of self you need a North Star to aim for.

I will be a sounding board to stoke your curiosity of what you want to achieve & reality check your alignment with your grounded self. 

Goal setting that aligns with what drives you & your chosen roles is a potent motivator.


Identifying and monitoring leading measures & indicators invite action and lets you know sooner rather than later if you are on a course to success.

I will challenge you to identify creative and bespoke lead measures that will ensure action and inform your trajectory.

With early notice adjustments can be easily made to ensure & maintain success.

"A year from now you will wish you had started today"

Karen Lamb

The first step to living your personal flavour of life could be as simple as booking your free discovery call now 

Personal Coaching Options:

Bespoke 1:1 Personal Coaching

This offers 1-to-1 Personal Coaching to meet you where you are at on your journey:

  • 1 hour sessions

  • Total number to be decided together

  • Online (Zoom)

  • Investment* (per hour session):

    • R1200​

    • £65

    • €75

    • $85

The Personal Flavour of Life Programme

Would you prefer a coherent programme to start from getting grounded, taking aim, getting going and maintaining?

This programme combines the most valuable steps from my experience to starting living your personal flavour of life

  • 10 hours of coaching

  • 7 sessions over a min of 12 weeks

  • Online (Zoom)

  • Investment* (for the full programme):

    • R9000​

    • £485

    • €565

    • $635

  • Find out more

* If you truly cannot afford these investments and are truly motivated to find and live your personal flavour of life, please email me at so we can negotiate an investment that is possible for you. While I run a business, I believe that money should not be an additional obstacle. I reserve capacity for discounted and pro bono sessions and reserve the right to allocate them after consultation. 

Book your free discovery call now


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