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Coaching vs Coach Supervision vs ICF Mentor Coaching

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Coaching, ICF Mentor Coaching and Coach Supervision are each standalone practices which have specific outcomes. Understanding these outcomes is a great help in understanding the significance, purpose and value of each. From this understanding we are better enabled to engage with appropriate professionals and take responsibility for our part of maximising the value we each need from each practice.

Coaching vs Coach Supervision vs ICF Mentor Coaching Outcomes

1. Coaching

Outcome: At its core coaching is about change.

This change is highly individual to each coaching engagement, ranging from personal to professional and transformational to small positive changes/insights. The process of partnership where client's thinking, beliefs and actions are supported and challenged in the journey of bringing change to fruition.

2. Coach Supervision

Outcome: Simplistically, coach supervision is about increasing awareness of where our personal stuff is hooked by our professional stuff.

The practice is a reflective space to support and challenge us as coach, person and as professional, where the supervisor access a continuum of functions to best partner with the supervisee.

3. ICF Mentor Coaching

Outcome: The main objective is to increase your ability to demonstrate the ICF core competencies.

What I enjoy most about this practice is exploring how to hang my own style on the competency framework. It is essential to see the framework as the golden thread that underlies a coaching process where your individual style is built on rather than a tick-box exercise. The process uses discussion, inquiry and feedback on evidence and reflection to increase the coach's capability.

Coaching Parallel Process

Coaches want to be of value to their clients who are able to engage with the supporting and development mechanisms that best suit their needs. It is vital for the authenticity and health of the coaching profession that coaches engage with their own needs of support and development. Coaches fulfilling their own continuous development needs, personally and professionally, introduces and enables a positive parallel process.

If you are interested in learning more about meeting your needs, feel free to contact me, or book a free chemistry session with me now.

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